Social Media Campaign

Join our social media Awareness Day campaign by changing your Facebook profile and cover pictures to share how important 4p-/Wolf-Hirschhorn Syndrome awareness is to you!

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Use our photo collage as your Facebook cover photo.
English and Spanish versions available.





(Click on photo)


To have a 4p-/Wolf-Hirschhorn Syndrome Facebook photo created:

1)      Choose which template you would like and click on it.

2)      Attach the photo you would like us to use.  PLEASE:

  1. Do not send photos that have already been cropped.  We will crop the photo to fit.
  2. Choose a photo with ample space around all sides, top and bottom of the face.
  3. Choose a sharp, bright, clear picture for best results.  Dark, blurry photos will not turn out well.
  4. Photos taken with a camera phone are not preferred as the resolution tends to be too low.

3)      Please allow up to 5 days for us to email your custom photo back to you.

4)      If you need any help please contact Denise Barnes at













(the above photo is meant to be a cover photo)
























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