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For Parents of Children with 4p-

  • Here you will find links to Personal blog sites created for their children, poems, and stories. The pages linked here are listed only with the permission of their creators.
  • These pages are for the parents to express themselves on whatever topics seem appropriate to communicate about our children.
  • Note that this page contains links that will direct you to URLs outside the 4p- Support Group site. 4p- Support Group does not control the content or relevancy of these pages. The listing of these external sites does not constitute an endorsement of these sites by the 4p- Support Group. They are provided as a courtesy to our members because these sites have information about Wolf-Hirschhorn Syndrome, Chromosome 4 itself, or additional considerations of interest to our members.

Links to Parent’s Personal Pages

Aaron’ Page -

Bria’s page –

Caleb’s page –

Dylan’s page –

Hannah’s Page –

Hayden’s page –

Jillian’s page –

Landon’s Page -

Magnolia’s page –

Olivia’s page –

Ryan’s page –

Tanner’s page -

Tyler’s page –

Creating a website for your child is free and easy to do.  Just visit for more information.

To have your 4p- child’s website added to our list please contact

Parents will also want to check out, a relatively new website created by parent, Kevin O’Brien. Kevin’s vision behind is to give parents a place to share their “stories” and a place for parents of recently diagnosed children to learn about WHS. Since the creation of in March of 2010, the site has now evolved to feature “stories” of over 30 WHS children and provides encouraging words and support throughout the WHS community.


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