Ideas to Spread Awareness

How can you help spread awareness and support?

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-  Want to do something amazing for 4p-/WHS Awareness Day that can have a PROFOUND effect? Send an email or letter to your prenatal, PICU, and/or genetic clinicians. Tell them about your child (living or passed-regardless of longevity or live/still born) and your experience- how it affects(ed) you and your family. Add some pictures too if you like. Let them know that it was ALL worth it and you would make the same decision again. The hard part is NOT to say “I told you so”. Negativity won’t open hearts. I assure you that an email or letter like this will make a huge difference for future parents.

-  Join the International 4p-/Wolf-Hirschhorn Syndrome Awareness Day event page:

-  Send out emails to your friends and family. (sample email – DearFriendsandFamily)

-  Have a bake sale.

-  Sell or pass out awareness bracelets. (found HERE)

-  Organize a Jeans Day or Wear Blue for 4p-/WHS Awareness Day. Request a group photo of colleagues and students wearing jeans.  Be sure to post it on the 4p- Support Group’s Facebook page wall!
(sample letters; work letter templateschool letter template)

-  Host a Lunch and Learn at your office. Invite your colleagues to join you in the lunchroom so you can share information about the syndrome and how it has affected your family during this lunchtime event.

-  If you work in an office that likes to have a little fun, have a jeans fashion show.  The person with the most unique pair of jeans wins a prize.

-  Display a small poster or flyer in your doctor’s waiting room

-  Sign up for a walk/run in your area in honor of 4p-/WHS awareness

-  Plan a dinner with your family and friends to get together in honor of your loved one with 4p-/WHS, serving their favorite items pot luck style

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