About Us


The 4p- Support Group is a non-profit organization for families and guardians of children with 4p-.  Our organization offers support networks, newsletters, bi-annual national conferences and regional gatherings.  We welcome parents, foster parents, relatives, and professionals working with 4p- children and their families.

The mission of the 4p- Support Group is to improve access to 4p- information to parents, family members and care providers of individuals who have a 4th chromosomal abnormality (Wolf-Hirschhorn Syndrome is the main syndrome).

This web site was established to assist members in locating resources, communicating with one another, educating themselves on issues relating to 4p- and related syndromes, and participating in other informative activities.

National conferences take place bi-annually (years ending in an even number). These events afford families and caregivers a time to come together and attend workshops, network with others, and celebrate their special children.

Regional gatherings take place opposite the National Conferences (years ending in an odd number). These events offer opportunities for families to gather on a regional basis.

A private, online BigTent community is also available for parents and interested professionals.  Over 200 members from 10 different countries are currently apart of our BigTent community.  Participants engage in conversations covering such topics as health, education, finances, travel, long-term care and much more in our discussion forum.  Participants are able to share pictures and information about their family in a secure environment.  Educational material, event calendars and a used equipment exchange, to name a few, are also available through our BigTent community.

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