Devoted Siblings Are Honored

Carol wrote into Kathie Lee and Hoda on the Today Show to honor her two children, Alex and Rebecca, who have spent most of their lives supporting their brother, David, who has Wolf-Hirschhorn Syndrome. Broadway performer Capathia Jenkins performs a special song for the family.

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I am the mother of 3 terrific children.  My middle child, David, suffers from Wolf-Hirschhorn Syndrome.  He had so many complications at birth we were told that he would not see his fifth birthday.


While I was pregnant with him I had to stay on bed rest for two months missing his sister Rebecca’s 3rd birthday, first day of preschool and consequently many other occasions throughout her life due to his needs.


David was born weighing three pounds and had to stay in the hospital for six weeks.  His big blue eyes and blonde curly hair made him very magnetic and angelic looking.  He needed a feeding tube for eight years and had uncontrolled seizures.  He had a specialist for every part of his body.  We lived at the hospital, specialty clinics and doctor offices for years.


When David was four years old his little brother Alex was born.  They have become inseparable.  Alex who is physically bigger, helps him do everything. 

It’s been a very long road with many up and downs, but David has really enriched every aspect of our lives.  He has a great sense of humor and love for life.  David gets a lot of attention due to his infectious personality and friendly nature.  His siblings seem to always just be in the background… sacrificing, protecting, and loving him.


Alex and Rebecca are unsung heroes and I would be so grateful if they would be recognized for their unending dedication to their special brother. 


Carol Gordon

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