2018 Conference Scholarship


4p- Support Group
2018 National Conference Scholarship Application


Agreement: The 4p- Support Group is pleased to consider providing you with a scholarship to attend the 2018 National Conference.  In exchange for the scholarship, the Group requires you to complete the agreement below with your application.

There are a limited number of scholarships available, which will cover conference registration fees for up to two adults and two siblings of the 4p- individual, along with up to four nights (July 25 thru July 28, 2018) at the conference hotel site.  Transportation is not included in the scholarship.   Preference will be given to first time conference attendees.  Scholarships will be based on the number of requests received, previous financial assistance provided, and current emotional need.  Applications are kept confidential.


Requests must be submitted by March 31st.  Notification of scholarship approval will be sent via email by April 15, 2018.  Please be sure to add amanda@4p-supportgroup.org to your contact list to avoid your message being blocked or sent to your junk/spam box. Please note online submission is the preferred method.  However, if needed, a printable version of the application can be found HERE and mailed using the instructions on page 2.


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Please read and acknowledge your acceptance of the requirements of a scholarship, should we be able to offer it to you. This will serve as your signature of the Agreement. (Please note you will not be able to submit your application without acknowledgement of each requirement.)

Must be a parent or legal guardian of an individual with 4p-.

Must be a registered member of the 4p- Support Group. (If you are not a member you can register by going to http://4p-supportgroup.org/membership/request-membership/.)

Applicant must commit to attending the entire conference and completing the conference evaluation.

Applicant must be able to travel to the conference on their own. No travel arrangements will be financed.

Applicant must reserve their lodging at the conference hotel site as soon as notice of award of a scholarship has been sent.

Applicant will understand that no cash or check will be furnished to them for the conference.

Applicant will submit a written half-page narrative on how the scholarship received was able to help you and your family learn more about 4p-/WHS, and make in-person connections with other 4p- families. This will be used to show potential donors and event sponsors how their donations impact the lives of families with individuals who have 4p-. If you allow us, your summary could also be used in our newsletters and/or website. Please submit to Amanda Lortz within two weeks after the meeting.

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